Sometimes it's about the little moments in between the big ones

White Shed Films is all about capturing your unique story through genuine, honest and beautiful films. What started as one girl's passion for film and love of special moments, turned into a small business. I believe in capturing the day just as it is - candid and genuine. No awkward poses, no cameras right in your face, no dominating videographers telling you what to do all day. You can chill out and be yourself, because that's when the best moments happen. 

My name is Fran - creator, chiller and groover behind White Shed Films. Holding a camera in my hands has always felt natural to me. At a young age I would often find myself sneaking my mum's camera into the garden and would happily see an hour or two go by as I captured her flowers coming into bloom, my dog rolling in the grass or tiny colourful bugs hiding under leaves. I've come a long way since my mum's old school camera and have ventured much further than my backyard fence. I still cannot believe how fortunate I am to be capturing people's stories in such a creative and beautiful way as my career.  


Fran | Creator behind White Shed Films